How To Use 2nd Tier Affiliate

We've made our JV Partners over $19M in our last 4 launches! And we've been giving away $100,000+ in prizes every year. We'd love for you to get a piece of that pie.

To Be A 2nd Tier Affiliate, Make Sure You're Registered To

Go to and login on the Groove embed that you can see on the page.

Then click on the 'Links' button:

Click 'My Affiliate Recruitment Links', and you can see your 2nd Tier Affiliate Link. Once they click that and sign up, they will be tagged under you.

Here's why you want to use your 2nd Tier Affiliate Link:

  • You will get 10% for every sale made by your affiliates
  • MASSIVE conversion rates!
  • Huge evidence of student success
  • High quality product with epic software like nothing out there

Here are some sample case studies that we use to warm up JV's readers, and these will show you that the program you'd be recommending works well for a variety of people:

$3MM Super Affiliate Reveals Secrets & Tips On How To Write Ads That Can Bring In Profits For Months

Case Study: Inspirational Dad Of 4 Making $1k/Day

Newbie to $50k Per DAY - Mindboggling Super Affiliate Case Study

Don't take it from us, see what some of our students have to say:

Income screenshots from some of our students:

These came from various students who all came from different backgrounds, with different levels of experience, etc.

In a nutshell, you’d be recommending a program that will bring their students success, that will bring them huge commissions, and will earn a decent reward yourself from the 2nd tier.

Maybe you have an affiliates list you want to mail about this, maybe you have someone you want to introduce to this individually? Maybe you want to connect us personally to them via a direct introduction? Lots of ways to go about this.

Just remember: you CAN'T sign up under yourself, and you can't get put someone under you if they are already an affiliate.

If you need more help, please contact our affiliate manager on Skype: unica_jeffreys

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